What I eat in a day – healthy and vegan #2

I thought it was about time for a new edition of What I eat in a day”. Therefore, I took you with me for a whole day and captured all my food. You may recognize some of the recipes from previous food posts, I linked to all of them so you can find all the recipes. Like always, my dishes contain a lot of fresh ingredients since I just love to follow a healthy and plant-based diet in my everyday life. But that doesn’t mean that I have to give up on Pizza, Dessert & Co. I just try to find healthier options. The dishes that I show you are perfect for summer days since they are all very light. I hope you get a little inspired and may try out some new recipes. Enjoy!


Breakfast: Acaí Bowl with fresh fruit

I love to start my day with fresh fruits. In the colder month of the year, I like to start my morning with some warm cinnamon porridge, banana and apple. In summer, however, it has to be something more exotic. For example, a tasty Acaí Bowl. Acaí berries are a real super food since they contain a very high amount of antioxidants that protects our body from free radicals. They also contain many important vitamins and minerals. A perfect way to start your day the healthy way! For this Acaí bowl, I mixed 3 bananas, 300g frozen berries, a little almond milk and 2 tablespoons of organic Acaí powder. Then, I topped the super food mix with fresh fruits and chia seeds. A delicious and quick to make breakfast, that not only looks pretty, but is also really amazing for your body.


Lunch: Mediterranean salad with Avocado

Currently, nothing works for me without olives. Especially those ones, which come together with some garlic (poor Roman). During summertime, I love to make a mixed salad bowl for lunch. Here, for example, I cut some cherry tomatoes, spring onions, basil, olives and avocado and mixed it with a squeezed lemon and some pepper and salt. Such an easy recipe, that needs max. 5 minutes to prepare. Perfect for busy days! I eat at least two portions of this delicious salad – it’s super light and you don’t feel so filled and heavy after eating it. I also had some currants as a side snack. They for sure are one of my favorite fruits in summer.


Afternoon snack: Chia Pudding with Blueberries and Iced Matcha

I’m such a snack-lover! Especially in the afternoon, I am eager for something sweet. In summer, I love to snack on grapes, melon, or the delicious vegan ice cream, that I already showed you here and here. Another one of my favorite snacks of all time is definitely chia pudding. It’s just perfect when you’re craving something sweet, but want to keep things healthy. I mix 3 tablespoons of chia seeds with almond milk, a bit of vanilla and cinnamon. Then I stir it properly. It has to rest in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Then I top it with fruits, that I have left in the fridge like blueberries, strawberries or kiwis.

Another thing that I can’t live without is my daily Matcha shake. This stuff keeps me alive, all day, every day! In the afternoon, there comes a point where I’m getting super tired and therefore my Matcha shake is a perfect lifesaver. For the shake, I mix a cup of almond milk with 1,5 tablespoon of pure matcha powder, 5 ice cubes, and some agave. I blend it for a minute and then enjoy it ice cold. In wintertime, I do the same, but without ice cubes and with some hot almond milk instead. Yum!


Dinner: Vegan Pizza with gluten-free Quinoa crust

Pizza time! Italian cuisine is my favorite food on the whole wide planet and I could never live without pizza or pasta. Since my summer shape doesn’t like pizza as much as I do, I had to come up with a healthy alternative, which nevertheless tastes as good as the original. A few month ago, I tried out this brilliant pizza crust, that only contains 2 ingredients: quinoa and vinegar. Since then, we eat this Pizza at least once a week. It’s vegan, gluten-free and incredibly healthy. Here I topped it with tomatoes, spring onions, cashew sauce, basil and of course Avocado. Btw: we had like 5 more variations of these delicious pizzas! Find the recipe here.

For more delicious and healthy recipe ideas, you can browse through my last “What I eat in a day – healthy and vegan” Post.

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    11. September 2016 at 11:53

    Die Quinoa-Pizza steht auf jeden Fall schon auf meiner Liste, die hört sich einfach zu gut an 🙂 Acai Bowl liebe ich zur Zeit auch noch, wobei ich in den nächsten Monaten wohl auch auf ein wärmendes Oatmeal umsteigen werde 😉

    Liebe Grüße
    Lena | http://www.healthylena.de

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    11. September 2016 at 19:34

    Sieht alles super lecker aus!
    Besonders interessant finde ich allerdings die Pizza, die
    muss ich unbedingt ausprobieren! 🙂

    Danke für die schöne Inspiration!



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    12. September 2016 at 8:44

    Ein Tag genau nach meinem Geschmack <3 Alles super lecker und könnte genauso bei mir auf dem Plan stehen. Die Quinoapizza muss ich unbedingt einmal probieren, klingt wahnsinnig lecker 😉
    Liebst Kathi

  • Reply
    14. September 2016 at 19:15

    Das sieht ja alles super lecker aus! 🙂 Bisher habe ich mich irgendwie noch nicht so richtig an die berühmt-berüchtigten Acai-Bowls gewagt, obwohl sie – zugegeben – super lecker aussehen und ich sonst eigentlich für jeden gesunden Spaß in Sachen Essen zu haben bin. Ich werde das mal ändern.. 😉 Mein liebstes Obst sind im Sommer übrigens – ähnlich wie bei dir – Beeren in allen Formen und Farben.
    Liebste Grüße
    Andrea von http://www.chapeau-blog.de