Sleep better, feel better: Our experience with Leesa


Restful sleep is essential for our wellbeing. To wake up unrecovered is not exactly the best precondition for a productive day. In December, this, unfortunately, happened quite frequently to us. After we had slept very badly for weeks, we tried some things; such as ventilation before going to bed, leaving mobile phones in the living room or pulling out all the plugs in the bedroom. Unfortunately, none of this helped. Finally, we realised that it might be our mattress. The request from the mattress label Leesa came exactly at the right time.

After reading numerous testimonials and reviews about Leesa, we were even more excited. The order is by the way absolutely risk-free, as you can test the mattress for 100 nights, to really see if you sleep better. I really think that’s essential when choosing a new mattress. How can you know if it’s the right choice, when you didn’t sleep on it for a few nights? Leesa donates all returned mattresses to Charity Projects!

I have attached a GIF for you, which shows the unpacking process of our Leesa mattress. I was totally surprised when we peeled off the foil and the mattress completely self-formed and grew to four times its size in just seconds.

The special feature of the Leesa mattress is that it consists of 3 different layers of foam. In addition to the reclining comfort, this also provides ventilation, so that the mattress stays pleasantly cool. You can actually feel this – the mattress always has a pleasant temperature when sleeping and does not get hot. Another positive effect was noticed especially by Roman. His constant back pain in the morning is as good as gone. As the mattress supports his light hollow back, Roman sleeps better and above all quieter.

We are really thrilled and do not want miss our new mattress anymore. What I particularly like about Leesa is the social and ecological commitment of the brand. By the way, one mattress is donated for every 10th mattresses sold. In addition, a tree is planted for each mattress sold. A very nice idea, I think!

If you want to test the Leesa for yourself: get 50 € discount on a Leesa mattress of your choice (use code “CHIC50“). 🙂

– In collaboration with Leesa –

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  • Reply
    Nicole Christiansen-Appleby
    13. April 2017 at 23:16

    Wie kann ich die Matratze testen?
    Mit freundlichen GrüßenNicole Christiansen-Appleby

    • Reply
      16. April 2017 at 9:15

      Einfach testen kann man sie nicht. Du kannst sie kaufen und hast dann Zeit sie zu testen und ggf zurückzugeben 🙂

      • Reply
        17. April 2017 at 8:19

        was kostet so eine Matratze und welche Größen gibt es. Brauche 1,60m x 2m

  • Reply
    Ivan mihaela
    10. May 2017 at 11:51

    Wie vil kostet eine Matratzen 2m/2m..fur Bett boxspring