7 reasons why traveling is good for your self development

The last couple of month were full of traveling and I enjoyed every single second of it. Traveling does so much more to your mind and soul than you actually think it is. It has a huge impact on our creativity, our perspectives and our mindset. Today I listed you 7 reasons why traveling is good for your self development. Do you agree?

1. You expand your comfort zone

When traveling, you are always forced to leave your comfort zone to experience and discover new things. This is important to gain new experiences and to try out something new. Often, out of habit and cosiness, we do not dare to leave our comfort zone, although so many great things wait for us.

2. You see yourself and the world from other perspectives

You are no longer at home, no longer in your everyday life and you left the whole burden behind. By traveling to new places, we learn so much about ourselves and see things from completely different perspectives. Things, that we normally have to worry about , suddenly are getting small. You can finally free yourself from your everyday patterns and be yourself. The chaos in your head slowly gets a clearer structure and you finally have time to think about yourself and your life and listen to your deepest desires and passions.

3. You get spontaneous

On journeys nothing is going according to plan, and all of a sudden, new opportunities arise here and there. And that`s great! The most beautiful memories a journey are moments, when we were spontaneous.

4. You learn to live for the moment

In our hectic everyday life we, often forget to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. That’s why I love traveling so much. When traveling, you live for the moment, enjoy every single second. You are “here”, physically and psychically. When you perceive your journey consciously, with all your senses, it will be remembered forever. Travel teaches us to switch off, focus on the moment and discover new things in the world and in ourselves.

5. You open your mind

When you travel, you will see many new places, learn a lot about different people and cultures. This will help you by expanding your mind. Our friends and family are mostly people, who think in a similar way like we do ourselves. When traveling, you meet new people, who have a completely different lifestyle and see the world from a different point of view. This opens you and your mind for new things, perhaps stimulating you to change something in your particular life or makes you think about your prejudices.

6. Travel gives you the opportunity to reflect your life

During our everyday life, we usually have no time to pause and ask ourselves, “Am I happy? If not, what can I change? “When traveling, far from our usual environment, we finally have time and the inspirations to think about it and reflect on our life.

7.Traveling reinforce your creativity

When traveling, we see so many new places, architecture, people, landscapes. We taste new food, try new things and are exposed to all these impressions. This is exactly what creates a creative kick in our work or other projects. Traveling is creative and inspiring.

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    Ewa Macherowska
    4. December 2016 at 17:51

    Great post! 😉


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    Kristen Robin
    4. December 2016 at 21:27

    Such a lovely post, and SO true! Travel is the only thing you an buy that will make you richer!

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    5. December 2016 at 11:33

    Das ist SO wahr! Man erweitert wirklich sehr seinen Horizont beim Reisen und man meistert Hürden, die man sonst gar nicht in den Weg gelegt bekommen hätte – und all das mit tollen neuen Eindrücken und viel Emotion!

    Das Bild ist übrigens zauberhaft!

    Liebste Grüße,
    Ricarda von CATS & DOGS: http://www.wie-hund-und-katze.com