5 tips how to start your morning healthy

5 tips how to start your morning healthy

I am an absolute morning person, but this has not always been the case. It was only when I started to develop a morning routine which I integrated in my everyday life that I became an early riser. I love the feeling of already having things done before 9 o’clock in the morning. I enjoy using each morning properly since A.) I have more time in the afternoon, B.) I am able to start with lots of motivation into my working day and C.) it’s nice and quiet in the morning and I have time for myself. It’s especially important to me to start each day healthy and vital, physically and mentally. Today, I have 5 tips for you how to start your morning in a healthy way. In addition, I will reveal a tasty superfood breakfast recipe with fresh fruits, California walnuts and quinoa!

1. Start your day with a positive thought

Our first thoughts after waking up have a huge impact on our whole day. They indicate a direction and particularly influence our mood. Try to start each morning with a positive thought. You will notice how much better you feel and how a positive attitude will significantly facilitate your day and increase your quality of life.

2. Start your day with a large glass of water

Try to accustom yourself to drink a large glass of water before breakfast. After 6-8 hours of sleep, our body is dehydrated and needs liquid to stimulate the metabolism. An adequate water supply is also extremely important for our brain and has a big influence on our work performance. If you do not like to drink plain water on an empty stomach, you can add a little bit of lemon or fresh mint. This tastes very refreshing!

5 tips how to start your morning healthy

3. A healthy breakfast is the alpha and omega

There is a proverb that says “Have a breakfast like a king”. This is not related to the quantity, but rather to the quality. A breakfast should contain many valuable nutrients and vitamins which give us power for the day and fill our stomachs until lunch. Today, I will show you one of my favorite breakfast recipe which is perfect to start your day with energy. This delicate breakfast bowl is made with quinoa, cinnamon, fresh fruits and California walnuts.

Did you already know that walnuts are real superfoods? They are not only super crunchy and give a certain something to every dish but also contain important vitamins and micro nutrients. In addition, they provide our body with valuable omega-3 fatty acids which influence blood circulation and brain metabolism in a positive way. 30 g of walnuts per day have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. As you may have noticed, walnuts are particularly versatile which is why I love to integrate them in my breakfast.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl with Cinnamon and Califorina Walnuts
Serves 2
  1. 1 cup quinoa
  2. 2 cups of water
  3. 1 tsp cinnamon
  4. 1 tbsp agave syrup or maple syrup
  5. 1 handful California Walnuts
  6. 1 banana
  7. fresh berries or other fruits you like
  1. first we wash the quinoa and cook it with 2 cups of water
  2. when the quinoa is almost ready, we add the maple syrup and cinnamon and stir everything well
  3. in the next step we put our quinoa-cinnamon-mix in our breakfast bowls and add the California Walnuts
  4. then we add half of a banana, fresh berries or any other fruit you like and et voilá your Superfood Breakfast is ready for you to enjoy it
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4. Schedule a small morning workout

Starting the day with a small workout is not only good for body and metabolism but also for our brain. When doing sports we spill out dopamine and serotonin which both stabilize our psyche, relax our thoughts and make us happy. Personally speaking, I love the feeling afterwards. One is more motivated and ambitious when sitting at the desk after a workout. You can find my morning workout routine on #knacktastisch. Here, I will show you my favorite exercises presented in pictures so you can also try them!

5. Think of 3 things for which you are grateful

Currently, I am engaged in the gratitude principle. We live in a consume driven society in which we are often dissatisfied with ourselves or our performance. Therefore, we often forget about the things we want and that many things should not be taken for granted. Since several weeks I try to think about 3 things for which I am grateful. These things are mostly everyday things which you are incapable of perceiving or which you take for granted. Start your day by concerning yourself with the gratitude principle and you will notice that you will derive energy and luck from it.

5 tips how to start your morning healthy
5 tips how to start your morning healthy
5 tips how to start your morning healthy

*This post is brought to you by California Walnuts. All thoughts and opinion remain 100% my own

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