5 things I do to keep my skin young and healthy

5 things I do to keep my skin young and healthy

In the recent years, my attitude towards cosmetic and skincare changed enormously. As a teenager, I paid not much attention to the ingredients in cosmetic products and I didn’t feel the need to care a lot about an individual skincare. Now, heading to my mid-twenties, this attitude changed completely.


Skincare is an everyday wellness ritual for me and I love to do my skin something good. Since I want to keep my skin healthy and young, I’m using an anti-aging skincare for a few weeks now. Although some of you may think it’s too early for that, I’m feeling great with it. Actually, the recommended time to start with anti-aging care is the beginning of your 20’s. The principle is simple: we don’t want to start preventing our skin from wrinkles when they are already there. We want to keep them away as long as possible, right?

Today I want to share with you 5 things, that I do for my skin to keep it young and healthy and also introduce to you a great anti-aging care for beginners.

1. Protect your skin from UV

Sun is great and I just love summer time. But it’s also a huge risk for our skin which promotes the aging process. That doesn’t mean, that you have to cancel your summer holidays. No, but you should definitely apply sunscreen on your skin. Not only when you’re on holiday. You should do it every morning. Currently, I’m using the Olaz Total Effect Feather Weight Moisturizer every day, which has a SPF 15 and protects my skin from UV.

2. Eat healthy

Healthy eating has an important impact on our aging process. Especially free radicals are our enemies and they are really bad for our body and skin. Pollution, stress and other factors can reinforce the aging process. To help our body to fight free radicals, it is important to eat healthy and balanced. For example, food with a lot of antioxidants, such as vegetables, salads, herbs, fruits, sprouts, nuts and natural oils and fats. (Find some of my favorite vegan & healthy recipes here).


3. The right day care for your skin

Proper daily skin care is essential to protect our skin from the aging process. As I mentioned above, I’m currently using the Olaz Total Effects Feather Weight Moisturizer, which is the perfect anti-aging product for beginners. In addition to  the SPF 15, the day care combines the most important anti-aging ingredients that reduce lines and wrinkles. Often, anti-aging products are very heavy and greasy which I personally don’t like at all. Olaz developed a feather weight day care, which is super light and soft on the skin – really great for anti-aging starters. I especially like the ultra light consistency of the skin care and the mild scent. I use the Olaz Total Effects Feather Weight Moisturizer every morning after washing my face thoroughly and before I apply my make-up.

4. Drink enough water

The female body consists of water up to 65%. Once the body has not enough fluid, he pulls the water from our skin cells. The result is tired and saggy skin, without any tension. In order to keep our skin cells moisturized and healthy, we have to remind ourselves to drink enough water throughout the day. If you’re struggling with this, you should read this article with 10 clever tips to drink enough water.

5. Never forget to clean your face

Before I apply the Olaz Total Effects Feather Weight Moisturizer, I clean my face very thoroughly. Therefore, I use lukewarm water, a cleanser and a face brush. This ritual frees my face from dead skin cells and make-up residues. In addition, it prepares my face perfectly for the skincare to follow. You should definitely keep in mind to clean your face every morning and every night, in order to keep your skin healthy and your pores delicate.

things to keep skin young healthy



*This post is brought to you by Olaz. All thoughts and opinions remain 100% my own.

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