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    California Road Trip : Our exact route, favorite stops and tips

    A couple months ago, we made a big dream come true: we made a road trip through California! This trip was on our minds for many, many years and just like that, we decided that is NOW or never. I mean, why not? Life is just too short, right? It turned out to be the most amazing trip of our lives. We saw so many different places, met great people and had an amazing time on the West Coast. California is such a special place, not only because of the great cities, the beautiful beaches or the unique nature- we also fell in love with the typical Cali-Lifestyle and the friendly people there!

    In case you’re planning a road trip through California (and you definitely should!), I prepared a big guide for you with our exact route, tips regarding car rental, Airbnb’s, Hotels & Co.! In my next article about our road trip, I will tell you how we saved money during our trip! Continue Reading »

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